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Winnie's Gluten-Free

718 Belmont Ave. West
Kitchener, Ontario N2M 1P2

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Our Story

Vicky Matheson is the creator, owner and culinary force behind Winnie’s Gluten-Free Kitchen.

Perhaps she was always destined to have a cooking business, her apron-clad grandmothers, Alice and Eva, and her daughters’ grandmothers, Winnifred and Phyllis, understood the joy of bringing friends and family together to connect and interact over a delicious meal. Food brought the family together.

Growing up in such an environment captured Vicky’s own imaginative and creative interest in recipes. Her recipe box is stuffed with precious paper scraps and stained, well-thumbed recipe cards that she began to collect from family and friends. That box contains the recipes that Vicky’s own daughters grew up enjoying, and it’s there you will find the inspiration behind the adapted recipes used at Winnie’s.

When her daughters Sarah Winnifred and Kaitlyn were diagnosed with Celiac disease, Vicky responded by putting her heart into creating food that included their dietary needs without compromising the ability to sit down to a family meal comprised of the dishes that everyone loved. Friends and family insisted that her food should be shared beyond her door. 

All of Vicky’s food is homemade and handmade from her own recipes, just as if she was cooking in your own kitchen. What you see in the Winnie’s kitchen represents four generations of belief that food is the heart of a family. So, Vicky’s food is heart-made as well, and you can’t get that anywhere else.